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Private & Public Sector Medical Reporting

IMR work with a network of private and public organisations in obtaining independent specialist medical evidence, for private matters, to high value public sector medical claims either as an initial report, or a second opinion.

With a strong network of over 2000 pre-approved specialist medical experts, covering all disciplines of healthcare, we have one of the deepest pool of specialisms available in the UK, offering a holistic solution to our valued clients and instructing parties.
All specialist medical experts are vetted by IMR directly for consistently and quality in report writing.

Our medical reporting has been broken into three key components;

Initial Report/Triage Reports

Our initial reports are particularly useful for legal parties looking to validate a claim and the merits of causation before investing time and resources litigating on the case.  All initial reports are completed by qualified medical experts with full review of medical notes and records and checked by our in-house medical experts.

Short Form Screening Reports

Our short form screening reports are completed by a specialist expert, respective to the outline of the case and specialty required.  The short form report encompasses a basic review of the medical records and the client’s previous medical history.  The report would address issues and questions raised by the other party.

Long Form Screening Reports

The Long Form Causation Reports are a thorough and concise version of the Short Form Screening Reports. Additionally included in the Long Form Causation Reports are clearly explained reasons and rationales of possible causation or non-causation, with direct reference to the hospital and GP records and previous medical history of the client.

Opinions of the experts carrying out the report will also elaborate as to why the expert in their qualified opinion feels there was / or was not causation, whilst addressing whether it could or could not have been avoided. Our experts will also advise of further medical treatment, such as rehabilitation or further diagnostics tests. Additionally, the Long Form Report could be cross-referenced by a supplementary expert to verify and validate the contents of the reports and ensure that all issues and queries have been addressed in thorough detail. Long form causation reports can vary in length dependent on the volume of medical records, findings and possibilities of causation.

Our independent medical reports can compile MRI scans, X-rays, medical records and any other medical history you may have had to ensure that our clients and instructing parties receive the most accurate examination and report.  With our specialist team of medical records handlers – we are able to obtain your medical records on your behalf and paginate these for our medical experts’ review.

Interested? Contact us on [email protected] and see how we can add value to your organisation.