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Our Business Model

IMR is a multi-dimensional provider and facilitator of sector leading expertise in healthcare, medical evidence, consulting and specialist insurance & risk mediation.

IMR was born out of a successful Management Buy Out (MBO) of Mediex led by Dr Rajadurai in 2017. The original roots from Mediex go as far back as 2005 where the organisation specialist in medical evidence for the private and public sector.  Over the years, the organisation amalgamated with specialist healthcare related services, driving change and adding value to our clients.


IMR operates in a specialised medical, legal and insurance sector.   We operate a host of specialist consultancy services giving our clients the medical edge when working on healthcare related matters.
Many of the services that we operate have been developed with our in-house medical experts, who allow us to build our reputation not only on product knowledge, but also the commitment and attention to detail we are able to offer our clients.


We understand the need to be dynamic and fluid in our thinking – which is why our platforms, systems and operational strategies are customised around the needs to our clients using our in-house IT development team.   We also understand that working in a technology led industry sector means timing is often critical – meaning greater pressures on organisations. Whilst we ensure we manage time and pressure – we simultaneously go to extra lengths to ensure we collectively reduce costs and improve client satisfaction.
Being an independent organisation, IMR have traditionally focused on long term vision; where we have merged with key suppliers in a group effort to offer greater value added services and efficiency to our clients.

We have the people, processes, supply chains and most importantly the passion to service our customers to the best of our ability.   It is with this winning attitude that IMR have been able to grow from strength to strength in a number of legal disciplines.

Our Customers

Collectively, we have worked with hundreds of clients, both private and public organisations; either as partners, joint ventures, customer/supplier relationship, or simply in technological integration between two or more organisations software systems.

We understand what it takes to win and secure business. We work around the clock to ensure deadlines are met because we have a sound understanding of businesses and business attitudes in utilising outsourced organisations from insurance brokerages to providing medical evidence.